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Homayoun Yousefi'zadeh
09/18/02 9:31pm

I am trying to use Mathematica for simplifying some symbolic functions with two variables and many parameters. My question is how to tell Mathematica to do the simplifications for the specific variables and not the parameters. More generally, how can I define a symbol as a parameter or as a variable in a function?

For example, how do I tell Mathematica to
simplify the following expression considering
g0 and b0 as variables and the rest as parameters.

eg (eb (1 - \[Beta]) (b0 \[Beta] + g0 (1 - \[Gamma])) + eg \[Gamma] (b0 (1 - \[Beta]) + g0 \[Gamma]))

Ideally I would like to see the result
in the form of (...)g0+(...)b0 .

Thanks in advance for the help.


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