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09/20/02 08:22am

I'm running Mathematica 4.1. and using Dynamic Visualizer. What I need is - to be able to manipuIate 3D object in it.
I found some info about it :

But there are no details, examples and descriptions of how can I manipuIate 3D objects in DVisualizer.
For example, 3D BarCharts of 3D PieCharts.
And wis meant by manipulation? - rotation, spining? or picking up (selection) of bars in bar chart, drilling them down or another specific features (that I am interested in)
That is very important issue.
How is that possible to be done?

Thanks a lot!

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Manipulation of objects in DynamicViz-er Tanya 09/20/02 08:22am
Re: Manipulation of objects in DynamicViz-er Henry Lamb 09/24/02 10:44am
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