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Nelson Gibbs
11/20/98 5:59pm

I have a discontinuous three-dimensional function (formula unknown) that represents the frequency (z-value) certain points on an x,y lattice are selected. I have discrete (x,y,z) data that I have entered using s1=Point[{{x1,y1,z1},{x2,y2,z2},{...}}]. I now need to generate both three-dimensional surface plots that will smooth the voids between points, as well as two-dimensional density plots. Every time I use ContourPlot3D[s1,{x,0,4},{y,0,3},{z,0,12}] I get back a list of my points rather than a graphic image. What am I missing? Also how can I use DensityPlot to two-dimensionally represent the frequency each (x,y) pair is selected?

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