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Nathan C. Lee
10/31/02 08:54am

I'm getting a curious result from the creation of a matrix using a function containing several If operators.

Please see the notebook file attached or at my URL for a better view.

What I'm trying to do is generate an nxn square matrix within some specific parameters (defined by my if statements). Here is my function:
And it outputs a matrix with the last column containing the _functions_ meant to be evaluated, and not their actual result. When I replace the 'n' terms in the function above, I get the expected result.

Any ideas why I can't get the result when I use a variable?

I'm also wondering why I can't use the variable n to define my range, as in
This isn't as pressing an issue, but it would be nice if I could do this.

Attachment: mathematicaissue.nb, URL:,

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unexpected output from matrix creation Nathan C. Lee 10/31/02 08:54am
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