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Paul Breen
12/15/02 8:08pm

I'm trying to create a package to display logic operators using a more traditional mathematical notation. When I placed the custom package in my autoload directory and type in And[a,b], Mathematica displays a&&b, which is not what I want. But if I evaluate Simplify[1] and then evaluate And[a,b], Mathematica displays a^b like I want it to. Below is a simplified version of my package, MyNotation.m:

Utilities`Notation`AutoLoadNotationPalette = False;
BeginPackage["MyNotation`Notation`", {"Utilities`Notation`"}];
InfixNotation[NotationBoxTag["\[And]"], And];

And here is my init.m file for the package:

DeclarePackage["MyNotation`Notation`", {"Not","And","Or","Implies"}]

I experimented with changing the list in the DeclarePackage command of init.m. If I remove "Not" from the list, And[a,b] always evaluates to a&&b. Adding or removing other values to the list, including "And", has no observable effect.

One other thing--I noticed that if I evaluate
!a, a dos screen (cmd.exe) comes up telling me that 'a' is not a recognized command. I'm using Windows XP. Is there any way to prevent this?

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