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Eckhard Schlemm
12/17/02 10:55am

Hello again,

I have got a question about mathematica again, and would be very thankful if you helped me out again.

I have got a Do construct in which i evaluate about 5 variables each time i come through this do loop.

Now i would like to plot all values of the first variable into one graphic, all values of the second variable which i got from my do loop in another plot.

I hope you excuse my bad english style, understand my question though an can help me out.

Thank you very much in advance.

Here is a short example of what i would like to do.
I want to bring the development of the variables into a graphic:-)

var1 = 2;
var2 = 10;
var1 = 2*var1;
var2 = Log[var2],

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