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12/19/02 6:09pm

Hi, anyone ever come across this, after importing few graphic files (jpg or tif), the notebook size becomes almost 10~20 times of it original size.

i have one notebook with around 15 pictures, it takes around 22Mb!! (those are just pictures to go along with the theories, and it aint big, only 1/4 of A4 paper and the original size is around 200kB per file).

i have tried to convert the picture into bitmap format (within Mathematica, i found that it is originally in postscript format after been imported), it does helps to reduce the notebook file size (tremendously!), but the graphic resolution turns out to be so dreadful till it couldnt even worth a look on the hardcopy.

please advise.

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Importing Graphic (in version 4) Chris 12/19/02 6:09pm
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