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Paige P.
12/22/02 6:56pm

How do I make a plot involving imaginary numbers? I want to make a plot of x^1.1 (x^1.1=(x^1)*(x^1/10)=(x^1)*(tenth root of x), which is even; negative numbers will be imaginary)when x<0; I tried using Table to generate some values and then using ListPlot, but it didn't like the imaginary numbers. I suppose I could pull out the "i"s by hand and plug the imaginary numbers into ListPlot, but there's got to be an easier way. I would prefer not to use ArgColors.
Also, I can't seem to convince the program that the cube root of -8 is -2. It gives me 2*(-1^1/3); I tried putting parentheses around the -8, and I also tried using Hold[-8] within the root tool on the palette, but that didn't work either. Thanks!

-Paige P

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Imaginary plot; cube roots Paige P. 12/22/02 6:56pm
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