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11/28/98 07:03am

   Let's be frank here. The Help section of Mathematica for Students sucks. It is totally inadequate for beginners. I consider that I have been ripped off, having purchased an expensive program that provides no useful help for the novice. You have to learn to walk before you can run and the program does not provide the basic instructions. I suspect that many other beginners have shared my frustration. Suggest you pass it along.
   That said, I hope the moderator will answer a simple question in plain English. How do you create a bar chart? Please don't refer me to the help section. I tried BarChart[((31, ''Research''},(26''Prof''},(15, ''Eng))]; an example from an instructional text and received an error message.

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Help section sucks Joel 11/28/98 07:03am
Re: Help section sucks Forum Modera... 11/28/98 08:18am
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