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02/05/03 10:31am

Hi everyone, I hope someone can help me here.

Does anyone know how I can get Mathematica to emulate keystrokes or mouse actions?

e.g. I have written a package that when loaded opens a notebook with a button. When the button is clicked a series of graphic files is displayed that can then be animated in the normal way by double clicking on them............
.......What I want to do is somehow automatically select the last image (one mouse click) then press the down arrow (on the keyboard) twice (which realligns the window to the way I want it), then double click on the last picture so it animates by itself.

i.e. my package loads the ( small) notebook with the button in. The first button function creates and displays a series of graphics images. Then, after Mathematica finishes rendering the sequence of images, I want it to automatically select the last image in the sequence, then "press" my down arrow on the keyboard twice, then double click that same last image to start the animation.

I presume there must be a way to get mathematica to emulate keystrokes and mouse actions like this..... Any help is very much appreciated!!!



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