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Thomas Hocker
02/26/03 04:34am

Hi all,

I have the following problems with exporting Graphics from Mathematica Version 4.2.1 for Mac OSX:

1) Line thicknesses when exporting EPS-graphics

For example. the diagram based on the Mathematica input


pl = MultipleListPlot[{{1, 2}, {3, 4}, {5,
6}}, SymbolShape -> PlotSymbol[Box, 3.5, Filled ->
False], PlotJoined -> True, PlotStyle -> Thickness[0.003], PlotRange ->

looks fine on the screen or in a printout, but when I create an external file using Export["plot.eps", pl, "EPS"], the line thicknesses in the EPS-file are much smaller. For example, the open "Box" symbols are then so fine that they are basically invisible. Is there an option when creating an EPS-file so that I will really get what I see on the screen?

2) PICT-graphics exported to PowerPoint

When I use the EDIT > COPY AS > PICT route to insert a mathematica graphics into PowerPoint (for OSX) it looks great on the screen as well as in the printout. However, when I open the PowerPoint-file under Windows or when I open it under OSX but with Mathematica not open, the labels of the diagram get messed up. So this is a font problem. Is there a way to avoid this (for example through some font inclusion option) or is there another way to transfer graphics from Mathematica to PowerPoint (under OS X) which gives the same quality as PICT?

Thanks a lot in advance for your help!


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