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03/16/03 3:37pm

I am trying to run a Rung-Kutta routine to simultaeously solve two first order differential equations with initial conditions. It seems to be running Ok. I tabulate the results using
Table[{r[n], u[n], t[n]}, {n, 0, 404}]; //

The problem is that I do not want to specify the max value for n. I want the routine to run until t[n] >= constant, then stop and store the values of r[n], u[n] and the initial condition for t as the first row of a new table. Then I want to change the initial condition for t (this could be read in from a list)and let the Runge_Kutta routine run storing the new set of values in the next row of the new table.

I have tried many different ways of doing this, none succesful. Any suggestions?? I have tried to send the .nb as an attachment

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