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Isaac Grenfell
03/18/03 11:06am

I am trying to solve this system of equations;

Solve[{.75 == (γ*(.5)^(α -
1))*Exp[-.5/β], 8 == (γ*(.7)^(α - 1))*(Exp[-.7/β]), 4 == (
γ*(1)^(α - 1))*(Exp[-1/β])}, {α, γ, β}]

But get this error message:
Solve::"tdep": "The equations appear to involve the variables to be solved \
for in an essentially non-algebraic way."

Is there something I can do for this? Thanks


Solve[{0.75 == (y*0.5^(a - 1))*Exp[-0.5/b],
8 == (y*0.7^(a - 1))*Exp[-0.7/b],
4 == (y*1^(a - 1))*Exp[-b^(-1)]}, {a, y, b}]

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Solving Nonlinear Equations Isaac Grenfell 03/18/03 11:06am
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