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John Vacano
03/18/03 11:50am


Perhaps somebody could help me with the following problem:

I want to solve a system of differential equations (eventually numerically, as they are going to be quite complex) using matrices for the definition of the function, like in the following basic example:

dmf[t_] := {{a[t], b[t]}, {c[t], d[t]}}
kmat = {{-kh, kr}, {kh, -kr}}

I could get it to work as follows:

DSolve[Flatten[dmf'[t]] == Flatten[dmf[t].kmat], Flatten[dmf[t]], t]

giving me the general solution with constants.

Trying to introduce starting conditions like:

DSolve[{Flatten[dmf'[t]] == Flatten[dmf[t].kmat],
Flatten[dmf[t]] == Flatten[{{1, 0}, {0, 0}}]}, Flatten[dmf[t]], t]

only gave me the following Error message:

DSolve::"nvld": "The description of the equations appears to be ambiguous or \

What's wrong with this approach?

Thanks' a lot,


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