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Jim Adams
03/19/03 1:41pm

Hi there,

I am a newbie to Mathmatica and I'm truly stumped. I typed a simple program to store equations into the elements of a list. But when I tried to print the entire matrix it shows up as empty. When I try to print any one element of the matrix, they are there.

1. Why doesn't zz equal the elements assigned to zz?
2. Why did it work yesturday???? (it actually did!)



ww = {{w11, w12, w13}, {w21, w22, w23}, {w31, w32, w33}};
aa = {{a11, a12, a13}, {a21, a22, a32}};
For[i = 1, i < 4, For[j = 1, j < 4,
zz[i, j] = Tr[{aa.ww[[All, j]]}.Transpose[{aa.ww[[All, i]]}]];

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name does not equal elements Jim Adams 03/19/03 1:41pm
Re: name does not equal elements Henry Lamb 03/25/03 10:24pm
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