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03/26/03 04:56am

I have an "n x 3" array of data for pressure, p, at some x,y. I want to display the array x,y,p on a 3D plot AND also on a density plot. In this way, the x-y plane would display the pressure, p(x,y).
If the n x 3 array is called t2, I can do this with the commands ListDensityPlot[t2] and ListPlot3D[t2], but only by arranging the data in order and it won't allow me to specify the x,y coords. I want to keep my x-vals in column 1, y-vals in column 2, and p in column 3.

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3D Plot of Pressure in x,y Fred 03/26/03 04:56am
Re: 3D Plot of Pressure in x,y Forum Modera... 03/31/03 10:24am
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