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Chris Burke
04/08/03 1:40pm

I am using mathematica under Linux.
After selecting a plot, I hold the mod1 (alt) key down. The x,y coordinates appear in the status bar. The trouble arises when I attempt to mark points that I want to copy and paste. Following the instructions I click the left button while holding down the mod1 key, but the coordinates disappear in the status bar and are replaced by "Left:43 Top:0" When I try to copy and paste, I only get the selected plot, not coordinates.
I suspect there may be a problem with the window manager interacting with the key/mouse click combination. I am using KDE. I have disabled the window moving shortcut through the control panel-Look&Feel-WindowBehavior-Actions-Innerwindow Modifier key+left button to Nothing. I can't find anything else that would conflict. Any ideas? Thanks

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