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Vera Cherepinsky
04/15/03 12:37pm

I am having trouble exporting a graphic array
(generated by DisplayTogetherArray[...]) to an EPS format. The graphs within each column of the array appear aligned in the notebook. However, when I save the graphic array in EPS format (via Edit|Save Selection As|EPS...), in the resulting file the entries in each column are no longer aligned with each other.

Strangely, if I save it as a BMP file, the alignment is preserved. Unfortunately, using BMP as an intermediate format (i.e., converting the BMP to EPS through some other program (e.g. GIMP)) severely degrades the quality of the resulting image.

I would appreciate any suggestions on preserving the alignment within columns of a graphic array.

I am using Mathematica 4.1 (Student Version).

--Vera :)

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