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04/24/03 10:27am

In version 2.2 the expression x=N[Sqrt[2],2] printed in the monitor as 1,41 but the x value was still x==Sqrt[2]. In version 4.X the same expression provides 1.41421. The command
NumberForm[N[Sqrt[2]],2] prints as the old N[] did, but the result has a Head "NumberForm". It is possible to transform it into the number 1.41 using
x= ToExpression[ToString[NumberForm[N[Sqrt[2]],2]] ]
], but this is rather uncomfortable and the x value is now x==1.41 not Sqrt[2]. It is still possible to print Sqrt[2] with more than 16 decimals using the N[] command but this seems to become useless for small number of decimals.
From the help window I thinck that minimal number of decimals is controlled by $MinPrecision but this is set to 0 by default.
Is there any way to control the printed number of decimals preserving the internal value of a number?
Thanks a lot,

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