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04/25/03 5:41pm

Hi all, just a few q's I was wondering if I could get some help with, I never got too familliar with LISP so I am guessing there are slick ways to do the things I want, but I can't think of them...

1. What is the "right way" to replace all occourences of a given value in a list with another value (i.e. change all 0's to 1's).

2. Is there a slick way of removing a column from a list of lists? The best way I found was use
Take(table,All,-(n-1)), seems like there should be a slighter tighter version using Drop...

3. I know there must be a slick way of applying a list as a set of labels for a BarChart3D axis...
I.e. I import a CSV file as a table and I when I create the BarChart3D object, instead of default numbering on the ticks (0...Number of Rows) I wnt to use the labels I have put in a list (which I guess I must ultimately supply to Ticks->)...

4.I can't figure out the right way to label peaks in my BarChart3D. I.e. I want every peak labeled on the chart which has a value of greater than some threshold...and without usng a bunch of loops...

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