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04/26/03 4:42pm

I recently had to re-install my macintosh operating system 9.1.
> After doing so, I re-installed an older version of Mathematica 2.2
> (Student version). The installation process went without any
> at all. However, when I tried to run it, I kept getting an error
> message that some unexpected problem caused Mathematica to quit and
> the error type was - type 1. I know that this kind of an error is a
> memory problem. However, I allocated 25MB for Mathematica where the
> recommended value is 5MB. The error doesn't happen only in long and
> complex calculations. It appears also for a simple 2+2 input. The
> computer as a whole is working perfectly fine without any problems
> memory. I have 145MB of RAM.
> Could anyone please advise me on how to solve the problem? I read in
> literature that the first time after installing Mathematica, the
> Kernel has to be built and that process can take some time.
> I don't if that has to do with my problem.
> thank you very much,
> Gideon

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