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Hari Radhakrishnan
11/03/97 6:06pm

I use Mathematica 3.0 student version on a Pentium 100 MHz under Win95.

I have set of data represented as

data == {{x1,y1,z1},{x1,y2,z2},.......,{xn,yn,zn}}

The data is such that for all values of xi >yi, zi = 0. xi and yi are not uniformly spaced either. I tried to interpolate the data using the Interpolation function
but I got an error saying

Something::indim: Dimension {0} in x not consistent with other dimensions blah blah...

I am not sure what the error message means. I would like to know what it means

If someone can help me with this I will be really grateful. If you need the actual data, I could post it or email my notebook to you.



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Interpolation of a surface Hari Radhakr... 11/03/97 6:06pm
Re: Interpolation of a surface Martin Rommel 06/12/98 3:41pm
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