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05/29/03 4:57pm

I am working on linear algebra right now in school. Got my student version of Mathematica 4.2 last week.
I would like to use it right away for doing my homework.
If I have a surface given like E:4x+3y+2y+1=0
is there a way to let Mathematica draw this surface? I dowloaded the extended graphic package, but it doesnt work properly. I copied it to /add on/application like the readme said.
Any help appriciated.

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show Surfaces E:ax+by+cy+d=0 Fred 05/29/03 4:57pm
Re: show Surfaces E:ax+by+cy+d=0 Henry Lamb 06/02/03 5:17pm
Re: show Surfaces E:ax+by+cy+d=0 Robert 06/03/03 12:09pm
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