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Bernd Pfitzinger
11/03/97 6:06pm


I'm using the student edition of MMA 3.0 under Linux.
I tried to put a command like $SoundDisplay=''!'' in my init.m file
in the directory .Mathematica/3.0/Kernel. The idea was to have this command
evaluated each time the kernel starts. Typing math will start a MMA session
where everything works fine (i.e. $SoundDisplay=''!''). However, starting
mathematica with the X-frontend results in init.m not to be evaluated (i.e.
$SoundDisplay=stdout). I tried different locations of init.m (all within $Path)
and different kernel options but nothing seems to work.
Any suggestions?

Thank you for your efforts

Bernd Pfitzinger

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kernel init.m on Linux-MMA not evaluated? Bernd Pfitzi... 11/03/97 6:06pm
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