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Athaniel Haqq
11/03/97 6:06pm

ListPlot: When I generate a list and plot it using listplot with the intent of ploting where the orgin begins at a number other than '0', ListPlot moves the origing to the number selected instead of mapping the ordinate to the co-ordinate values, giving an incorrect plot.
example. x= Range[4,10];y= ListPlot[{.8,.7,.6,.5,.4,.3,.2}] maps y to x = 1-7
where a mapping of y to x = 4-10 is required.

While: When I have to loop on a procedure that has several equations to solve
such as Sum, FindRoot, and ListPlot the While does not allow me to include these functions.

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ListPlot & While loop Athaniel Haqq 11/03/97 6:06pm
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