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Andrew Grevstad
06/20/03 11:40am


I have an integral equation which I solve numerically for the unknown integrand by segmenting it with the trapezoid rule. This will result in a system of non linear equations because of the trigonometric functions present. I solve this system with FindRoot.

My problem is that I believe there are many solutions, and findroot does not pick the right one even after much monkeying with the starting values.

One thing I know about the solution I want is that it is decreasing with increasing independent variable X. Is it possible to impose this condition on the FindRoot command? I think you can do this with Solve, but my system of equations seems to be too large for Solve.

Hope this is clear.. I'm an engineer, not a great programmmer, so by necessity my code is primitive but does seem to solve for certain parameters, just not the ones I really want.

Andrew Grevstad
University of Wisconsin

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