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Peter Szabo
06/23/03 12:46pm

Dear Colleagues,

I require URGENT advise from anyone who has successfully ported the symmetry packages "lie.m", "MathLie" or "YaLie.m" using Mathematica V 4.1 (Linux).

I have been attempting without success to port the Lie group symmetry package YaLie.m on my machine. It runs Mathematica V 4.1 under
Mandrake Linux 8.0.

Mathematica is placed in the directory /usr/local/mathematica
I have also placed Yalie.m and an input file to calculate the symmetries of the 1-D heat diffusion equation (called heat.nb). The
input file is copied directly from the YaLie documentation.

First, the package refuses to load. This is the same for other symmetry packages on Mathematica like lie.m and MathLie.

The calls made in heat.nb are:

(*---Diffusion equation example----*)
VD = {u}; (*---dependent variable--*)
VIs = {x,t}; (*---independent variables---*)
VP = {D[x,t],t]}; (*----main variables---*)

With regards to MathLie, there has been an addendum to the book by Prof. Baumann describing the package. This addensum attempts to clarify porting of MathLie. Despite following the instructions, I cannot seem to port the package on V 4.1 under Linux.

I would also be grateful if anyone could be kind enough to share her/his experience with ANY other equivalent symmetry package that works under
Mathematica V 4.1 (Linux).

Thank you for your time.

Peter Szabo

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