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07/07/03 11:23am

I am trying to solve Laplace Equation using Galerkin's method. I have lots of questions about that.
First of all i am taking multiples of x(x-1)y(y-1)as base functions. Like,
x(x-1)y(y-1), x(x-1)y^2(y-1),x^2(x-1)y(y-1).....etc.
But I want to form one matrix of m rows and 1 column. m rows should be equal to the total no. of base functions. I tried this command in mathematica,

with this command i will get 2 by 2 matrix but i need 4 by 1 matrix so can anyone suggest me the method for that.
please do the needful ASAP.

Thanking you,,,


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