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08/10/03 1:45pm

I was using Mathematica 4.1 and the fonts were working fine. I deleted the mathematica 4.1 directory and then installed Mathematica 5.

Fonts were working great. Then I stupidly decided that I would do all those font fixes that I had to do for version 4.1 (even though the program was working great). In the process, I accidentally screwed up ALL my fonts for X. I eventually got that I can open programs again. The only problem remaining is that my fonts for mathematica do not work. I have reinstalled but that did not fix it.

The palatte looks horrible...anytime I add special symbols like greek or square roots, it does not show up properly. However, I do not get any font error messages at start up.

When I do xlsfonts....there are no wri fonts. I have 3700ish fonts. I looked to /usr/local/mathematica/SystemFiles/FrontEnd/TextResources/X/
but there is no line that refers to maxFonts anymore. Perhaps this version of mathematica does not have the problem that earlier version did.

Thus, I am stuck as to how I can fix these font problems.

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