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Alexander Hartung
09/05/03 04:22am

Hi there!

I am completely new to Mathematica 4, which I need to do some Medical Image calculations for my dissertation.
My main problem at this time is the following:

During my calculations, I get about sixty values as results, each as a single "Out[n]:=", e.g.

Is there any way to export ALL results into ONE FILE (e.g. a .txt file) so that they can be used in EXCEL?

My method at this time (copy and paste) is rather time-consuming as I have to do a lot of rearranging after I pasted the data in EXCEL.

I have heard about the Export or the Splice Command, but I have not been able to figure out where to put and how to use them: Are they to be put AT THE BEGINNING of each Calculation or at its end? How is the syntax?

...Many questions, hope anyone can help!!!!!!!!!

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