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Kevin Gross
09/10/03 10:22am

Hi all,

I am trying to annotate some 2D plots made in Mathematica 5.0 (Mac OS X). I exported the plot as EPS. However, when I import it into Canvas 9, a few of the fonts are messed up. For example, what is supposed to be a bold parenthesis "(" appears as a radical sign. I can't decide if this is a Mathematica problem or a Canvas problem.

A few observations:

* Canvas does have access to the Mma-specific fonts, such as Mathematica2. However, when I type "(" using the Mathematica2 font within a Canvas text field, I get the same radical sign which appears when importing the 2D plot.

* I tried exporting the EPS file with and without the embedded Mathematica fonts. Still had the same result.

* I can convert the EPS file to PDF using ghostscript and it looks great using Adobe Acrobat 6 and - all fonts are scalable, not bitmapped.

* If I use the tool "eps2eps" on the EPS file, some of the fonts, e.g. the "(", are rasterized while others are preserved as outline fonts. I'd rather not use bitmap versions of the fonts as I intend to scale up the plot considerably. (eps2eps is part of the ghostscript collection of tools and will essentially clean up an EPS file)

* The same problem occurs when importing the ghostscript-converted PDF file into Canvas.

* You can look at the "problematic" EPS and PDF files here:


Kevin Gross
Ph.D. Student
Air Force Institute of Technology
Wright-Patterson AFB, Ohio

URL: ,

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