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Marcus Sammer
09/10/03 3:30pm

I am trying to find the initial values that
minimize a function of the solution to a
differential equation. I am having trouble
because Mathematica is attempting to solve the
differential equation before FindMininum is
assigning values to the variable initial
conditions. The following simplified example
illustrates the problem (although this example
does not actually have a minimum).

FindMinimum[f[1] /. NDSolve[
{f'[t] == t, f[0] == a},
{f}, {t, -2, 2}][[1]], {a, 2, 3}]

Note: I was actually able to get simple problems
of this type to work in version 4.2, but I
can't get anything to work in 5.0 (which my school
is now running).

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Evaluation order of NDSolve and FindMinimum Marcus Sammer 09/10/03 3:30pm
Re: Evaluation order of NDSolve and FindMinimum Henry Lamb 09/24/03 7:42pm
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