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09/14/03 10:31am

I have the following function:

teht4 [x_, y_] :=
x*Sin [y] /; (x >= -\[Pi] && x <= \[Pi] && y >= -\[Pi] && y <= \[Pi])

Plot3D[teht4[x, y], {x, -Pi, Pi}, {y, -Pi, Pi}]

The following things should be done to the plot:

a) changing the plot so that the width of the graphics is twice as much as the height
b) naming the plot as x sin(y)
c) giving some names to the x and y axis
d) drawn the axis so that the intersectional point is in (2 \[Pi], \!\(TraditionalForm\`1\/2\))

How to do these??

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Changing the graphics of a plot Riikka 09/14/03 10:31am
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