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sean kim
09/27/03 00:52am

hello group.

I posted this in mathgroup, but i can't get any response. maybe it's too trivial.

let me try in here.

Please consider the following stripped down version of my code which writes output notebook.

output = NotebookCreate[Visible -> False];

... bunch of stuff then ...

NotebookWrite[dose, Cell[BoxData[ToBoxes[{{iterationnumber}, np001}]],

GraphicsArray[{{pg0001, pg001, pg01}, { pg1, pg10, pg100}}

(*... whole bunch of other graphics array images...*),

ImageSize -> 750]], "Graphics"]]]; $HistoryLength = 0;
Share[], {it, 0, 40}];

I had to resort to writing to an output notebook because I keep running out of display memory. I thought initially perhaps writing the graphics with id tag's into another notebook will help the situation but it apeears not to be the case.

I'm starting to think it maybe due to the fact that ALL of the graphics being a SINGLE cell as opposed to individual iterations and the graphics output being separate cells.

I have a couple of questions regarding the code above.

1. is using the graphics file format " postcript" most efficient? what are some other options that are available in this context? bmp? wmf? jpg?

2. I think organizing the output of the graphics under individual cell with specific iteration tag is will help my situation. that is.... put the graphics as the daughter cell of a text cell that gets written right before the graphics are outputted. Group the cells I mean.

How do I do that? is that what "Before" and "After" commands are? If so, where do they go? I can't seem to get it right.

the idea is to output multiple cells with each cell being a parent cell with text and datghter cells with graphics

so. parent cells is "iteration1. paramters=...."
and the daughter cell is " graphics in most efficient format"

I could really use some tips here.

I appreciate any and all helpful comments as always.

thanks all in advance


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display memory errors. sean kim 09/27/03 00:52am
Re: display memory errors. Henry Lamb 10/04/03 6:29pm
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