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10/04/03 07:23am

Hello, I am attempting to plot the function f(x.y)=xy^2-6x^2-3y^2 and am receiving rather vexing error messages concerning the mins and maxs of my function. For instance:
Plot3D[xy^2-6x^2-3y^2, {x,-1,1}, {y,-1,1}]
2 2 2
xy - 6 x - 3 y is neither a machine-size real number
at {x, y}={-1., -1.}
nor a list of a real number and a valid color
directive. More

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Plot3D min and max errors? Prometheus 10/04/03 07:23am
Re: Plot3D min and max errors? Henry Lamb 10/08/03 00:19am
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