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10/16/12 11:50am

Since it was working with the identical Mathematica code, the simplest thing to try is to reset Mathematica initialization files, in case one was damaged. (An ordinary re-installation does not affect these.)
The first pass is to hold down the SHIFT key as Mathematica starts. If that does not help, the bigger hammers are OS-dependent;

If that does not cure it, assume there is a problem with the CUDA setup on the computer. (Automatic OS update or something similar.)

* Restart the computer
* Reinstall the most recent NVIDIA drivers
* Reinstall the most recent CUDALink paclet
(CUDAResourcesInstall[], or
* Restart the computer
* Restart Mathematica

If none of this helps, run the attached notebook and send it back (with Student Forum post or email to

Useful resources:

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