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Zane Kanyer
10/11/03 11:23am

I am reletively new to using mathematica, and am having difficulties deciphering what some of the problems are. I am working with matricies doing truss analysis, and part of that process involves me getting the lengths of each of the members. When i type my equation in it should spit out a scalar, but i get a number inside {{}} these symbols. And when i try to get a unit vector in the same direction as that member in my truss, i take the coordinates and subtract them, then i divide by my length. But when i try to do this an error comes up saying Thread::tdlen objects of unequal length. This to me is implying that it is not taking my length as a scalar. Any help in the subject would be greatly appreciated. Thanks


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Scalar Division Zane Kanyer 10/11/03 11:23am
Re: Scalar Division Henry Lamb 10/13/03 02:53am
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