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Moritz Haag
10/30/03 6:24pm

I have a huge problem but I think the solution is quite simple. I don't know how to fix this (bug?).
I have defined two Funktions
ZSP and ZSpP.
To show the Scalarproduct and Spatproduct.
ZSP[zspy_, zspz_] = StringForm["[(``)*(``)]+[(``)
*(``)]+[(``)*(``)]=``", zspy〚1 〛, \
zspz〚1〛, zspy〚2〛, zspz〚2〛, zspy〚3〛, zspz〚3〛, zspy.zspz];

ZSpP[x_, y_, z_] = (StringForm["Ergebnis:\n``", ZSP[(Cross[x, y]), z]] )

The ZSP - Function run by ZSP(a,b) works fine.

But the ZSpP-Function is reduced to:

I includet the "!" to point out where I've my problem ther should be x\[Cross]y[[1]] and ...[[2]] with ...[[3]] it works. What the matter with [[1]] and [[2]] why are they simplified to x and y.

Hope somebody can help me.

Kindly regard,

Moritz Haag
-Mannheim - Germany-

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