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Peter Marsh
11/29/03 02:04am

How does one use ParametricPlot3D to graph quadric surfaces of the form
x^2/a^2 +,- y^2/b^2 +,- z^2/c^2 = 1
These are hyperboloids of one and two sheets

and equations of the form
which is an elliptic cone.

I have been able to graph an ellipsoid by using the example in the book, which converts the x, y, z coordinate system to sperical coordinates using parametric equations, but so far have not been able to either convert the above equations to a suitable parametric version, or get Mathematica to work without getting a beep.

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graphing quadric surfaces Peter Marsh 11/29/03 02:04am
Re: graphing quadric surfaces Robert 12/18/03 7:02pm
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