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12/04/03 9:14pm

I have a positive function f(x,y,z) and a line {x(t),y(t),z(t)} which I would like to visualise together as follows:

(1) create a ParametricPlot3D of the line (done)
(2) create 3 DensityPlots of f(0,y,z),f(x,0,z),f(x,y,0)
(3) combine them so that the f(0,y,z) appears on a constant x plane, the f(x,0,z) on a constant y plane and the f(x,y,0) on the z=const plane and the ParametricPlot3d in the middle, in the spirit of shadowplot or project, except with the densityplots on the walls instead of the projection.

I would also like to repeat the operation with a contouplot3d of f(x,y,z) instead of the parametricplot3d

any suggestions welcome!!!

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3d density plots william 12/04/03 9:14pm
Re: 3d density plots Henry Lamb 12/09/03 5:41pm
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