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12/05/03 6:08pm

Hi there

I am facing a problem with ImplicitPlot...
Actually it doesnt work even in the help files.

I wrote a piece of code for pattern recognition, the patterns that i am trying to detect are ellipses. So i am having a function for sampling and another one for fitting the "best" ellipse in the sampled data. My problem is that i can plot the sample but i cant plot the "best" ellipse.

The code that has promblem is as follow:
results = ImplicitPlot[AAp*x^2 + BBp*x*y + CCp*y^2 + DDp*x + EEp*
y + FFp == 0, {x, 0, Nx}];
Show[sampledata, results]

The error message says:
RowBox[{\(Show::"gcomb": "An error was
encountered in combining the
graphics objects in (Show[(-ImplicitPlot-
<<7>> + (0.0000836293017860819` y
^2) == 0, (x, 0, 254}]]

and the output from the algorithms is \!\(\*
RowBox[{"Show", "[",
TagBox[\(⁃ Graphics ⁃\),
False], ",", \(ImplicitPlot[\(\(1.`\)\(\[InvisibleSpace]\)\) -
0.010663322892198896`\ x + 0.00004263829769484876`\ x\^2 -
y + 4.332263457918833`*^-7\ x\
y + 0.0000836293017860819`\ y\^2 == 0, {x, 0, 254}]\)}], "]"}]\)

see file attached.

Any ideas???

Regards Geo

Attachment: pseudoinversetest3.nb, URL: ,

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