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12/07/03 8:26pm


When I plot function with "LogLogPlot" function, the Ticks (on the x- and y-axis) on my graph have the following form (random values are chosen to illustrate my point):

Tick0: .001
Tick1: .01
Tick2: .1
Tick3: 1
Tick4: 10
Tick5: 100
Tick6: 1000
Tick7: 10000
Tick8: 1. x 10^5
Tick9: 1. x 10^6

(phew..) But you get the idea. Is there a way to change my settings so my plot would have friendly ticks such as:

10^-3, 10^-2, 10^-1, 10^0, 10^1, 10^2, etc. ?

With so many trailing "0"s, sometimes it becomes hard to read x-values on our printed graphs.

Thanks in advance for you reply.

-Pruthvi ("Peter")

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LogLogPlot (LogLinearPlot) Function Pruthvi 12/07/03 8:26pm
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