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Randy Silvers
01/02/04 00:53am

I am trying to perform a simple maximization and am running into strange problems. Namely, with only two constraints, Mathematica claims that the feasible region is empty. Given that there are three variables, this is IMPOSSIBLE! (for example, let w1=w2=0 and w3=400)

The solution that is obtained satisfies neither of the constraints.

I have tried entering the equations in several different methods: the constraints as a list in braces and separated by commas, the constraints as a string connected by &&, and directly. I have tried using the Summation signs and writing it out longhand.

I have tried including and excluding the nonnegativity constraints on w1, w2, and w3 -- they should not necessarily be nonnegative, but I wanted to help Mathematica find a solution.

What am I missing?

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Re: maximization problems Randy Silvers 02/03/04 8:43pm
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