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01/28/04 7:33pm

I solved an equation that contains real and imaginary parts. I am trying to plot both the real and imaginary parts, but have yet to succeed. When i try to plot the program tells me my eqn is not a reality sized number. Please help, the following is my code:

a = Integrate(I/(wy + 1/(wy))*DiracDelta(y - 0.1),y);

b = Integrate(wy/(wy + 1/(wy))*DiracDelta(y - 0.1),y);

c = Integrate(DiracDelta(y - 0.1),y);

Final = (1 + a + b)/(1 + c)

Plot[Re[Final], {y, 0, 1000}]

How can I separate the real and complex parts and plot them with respect to y?

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