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01/30/04 00:59am

Hey fellow math people,

I'm running the Mathematica for Students version on Linux, and am having problems. Sometimes (most of the time) when I open a notebook or just the program, I get this error message:

Warning: Actions not found: delete-next-character

stderr is in the title box of the message, and the message usually repeats itself. The Notebook is then read-only (except for the top part of it, but wherever text has already been entered... no luck).

has anyone had this problem or can help me?
I'm running Suse 9.0 mostly stock (Ximian XD2 installed, but that shouldn't be bothering anything... I'm thinking a conflict with glibc?)
Fedora wouldn't install, but I've grown up since 6.0 with RH, so not super familiar with all that's in Suse.

Screenshot here:

Please e-mail me if applicable, or should I talk to Wolfram and try and get my money back for the (gulp) Windows version? (I dual boot and really need this to work, but can't afford to buy both, as I primarily use Linux)


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