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Russ Stoneback
02/08/04 11:25pm

I am trying to find the intersection of n sets which contain numerical solutions to a system of equations, all of which share atleast one common solution. Due to innacuray, in one set the common solution will be s1= {400.0000145, 15.002} and in the other s2={399.999991, 15.0001} . I have tried

Intersection[ SetAccuracy[s1,m] ,SetAccuracy[s2,m] ]

with various values of m, but I get {}.

It seems to me that SetAccuracy doesn't seem to stick, since even when I redefine s1 with



I get the full number. Any suggestions?

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Intersection Russ Stoneback 02/08/04 11:25pm
Re: Intersection Henry Lamb 02/12/04 03:04am
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