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Igor Telitchev
02/11/04 01:05am

I am performing some simulation and I’ve got the following problem. In the repetitive code the quadratic matrix (say Z) 3240 x 3240 is to update. If I export obtained quadratic matrix Z to dat file, quit the code, launch code again and import back the stored data, the code runs only few steps because of lack of memory. Without export-import data transmission this code can run much longer. I send you the test example where command Z=Inverse[Z] is used just for illustration of matrix Z updating. In the real code a few formulas from the matrix algebra are applied. The test example is

In[1]:= Z=Table[Random[],{3240},{3240}];
In[2]:= Export[“zet.dat”,Z];
In[3]:= Z=Developer`ToPackedArray[Import["zet.dat"]];
In[4]:= Z=Inverse[Z];
In[5]:= Z=Inverse[Z];
In[6]:= Z=Inverse[Z];
In[7]:= Z=Inverse[Z];
“No more memory available.
Mathematica kernel has shut down.
Try quitting other applications and then retry.”

I am currently using Pentium 4 CPU 3.00 GHz, 1.00 GB of RAM, Mathematica 5.

I would appreciate for help.

Igor Telitchev,
Univ. of Calgary, Canada

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