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Jim Fuite
02/20/04 4:13pm

In Mathematica 4.2 for Students Mac, there is a useful palette called "BasicCalculations". It has a format that is more flexible than most of the other palettes, such as "Basic Input", which tend to be limited to some configuration of buttons.

Anyway, I wanted to use the "BasicCalculations" palette as a template for a new palette. At this point I noticed a problem. File:Generate Notebook from Palette successfully brings the palette in question into an editable form, but File:Generate Palette from Selection does not return a palette with the same properties as the original. Specifically, the new palette has a different shape (wider but shorter) and lacks the critical box handle in the lower right corner (sorry I don't know the proper name for it) that allows the palette to be resized. So I end up with a palette that is much less useful than the original because it is so short and I need to scroll to find what I need.

It seems that all the information required to make a palette like "BasicCalculations" is not contained in only the cells selected. Therefore, my question to anyonw who can answer is, "How may I control the overall size, shape, and window properties of a palette I am making? Does File:Generate Palette from Selection have any options?"

Thanks in advance.

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Options for Generate Palette From Selection? Jim Fuite 02/20/04 4:13pm
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