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Joe Hoppe
02/23/04 11:58pm

I am trying to simulate Cellular Automata with a numerical rule, such as x' = 4x, where x is a binary number. I am under the impression that I can use the CellularAutomaton function with rnum set to {fun,{},rspec}, but the Help Browser documentation does not seem to elaborate on how to do so. I do not fully understand what the arguments {} and rpsect do either.

I was hoping something like the following would work. I included the error message following it.
CellularAutomaton[{{x = x + 1}, {2}, 1}, {{1}, 0}, 10]
CellularAutomaton::nspec :
Rule number specification (n or {n1, n2, ...} [
0 <= ni < 1]) expected at position 1 in the rule
specification {{261+Hold[1+x]},{2},1}.

All suggestions welcome.

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