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Randy Silvers
02/25/04 5:40pm

I'll very soon begin lecturing and have created an ".nb" file of my lecture notes. I'd like to use the Slideshow capabilities of Mathematica 5 to create slides directly from those notes and then enter a slideshow mode that displays the slideshow in full screen view.

When I select the "CreateSlideShow" palette and choose "New Template" I see a new window open with three generic slides.

It is easy to copy and paste the textual content from my notebook directly into the existing text cells or to type in the title cells. However, I am unable to select cell brackets -- they do not appear -- and so cannot delete cells I don't want or change their type.

Also, there appears to be no difference between Normal and SlideShow views. Neither enters the full screen mode and the forward and back arrows to not move to the next slide, but rather to the next window. That is, when in SlideShow view, I can still view more than one slide and selecting a forward arrow moves as if I'd clicked in the scroll bar below the scroll button.

Are these bugs or am I doing something wrong?

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Slideshows Randy Silvers 02/25/04 5:40pm
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